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LO og NHO har sendt brev til Erna – krever at permitterte må få dagpenger i 52 uke

LO og NHO har sendt brev til Erna – krever at permitterte må få dagpenger i 52 uker

Google translate of article:

LO and NHO have sent a letter to Erna - demanding that the laid-off must receive unemployment benefit for 52 weeks
It is urgent to extend the layoff length. The government's attitude to wait until after the summer is dangerously defensive, believes LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen.
LO and NHO believe there will be mass redundancies in a short time if the government does not extend the layoff period without pay duty to 52 weeks.

- It is not enough to see the situation over the summer, then it is too late, says LO-leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen.

Letter to the Prime Minister

Together with the CEO of NHO, Ole Erik Almlid, the two have sent letters to Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (H) asking them to extend the term of office from today's 26 weeks.

- What I hear from the union representatives in companies I have talked to and reports from the unions is that there will be layoffs if the regulations are not changed very quickly, says Gabrielsen to the Free Trade Movement.

The government has previously revised the national budget and agreed with FrP to extend the lay-off and unemployment benefits until October. LO and NHO believe the period must be one year.

- The layoff period must be extended and it must be done as quickly as possible. If the scheme is not expanded, companies must send employees out into a tight labor market, while companies lose valuable expertise when they need to get started again, says Almlid in NHO.

Same in previous crises

LO points out that there are still 300,000 Norwegians who do not have a job to go to. That number can increase if unemployment gets stuck.

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- Businesses are uncertain and the 26-week period expires just over the summer. At the same time, the employees have a notice period which varies in time. These are large, extensive processes, so companies do not wait until the period is about to expire. We have seen this from previous crises as well, we receive endless resignations, says LO leader Gabrielsen.

- We think this is so serious that - again - we are asking the government to respond to listen to business and workers' organizations, and to make the regulations expanded.

Costs more to say

For the central point, LO and the NHO point out, is "that we do not lose jobs that we see will resurface when activity is picking up".

The letter states that the consequences of layoffs will bring more costs to the public, while at the same time seeing that labor will be needed again after a few months. The dismissal process is both stressful for both companies and employees and requires considerable resources.

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"At the same time, recruitment processes when the activity picks up are equivalent to cost and resource demanding," the letter states.

- Entire industries, such as tourism and aviation, are down. If the redundancy access is not extended, companies must go to dismissal. If that happens - where should the employees go? We are leading them into unemployment, says the NHO boss.

The government will wait

So far, the budget negotiations have not led to a further extension of the 26-week layoff period. This will be reconsidered in August when the state budget for 2021 will be under scrutiny.

Therefore, the development over the summer will be decisive.

Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner (H) has said he will not rule out an extension, but will wait to see:

- We have already extended the period related to layoffs to 31 October. We have announced that we are open to discuss further postponements if necessary, Sanner told NTB earlier in June.

LO will not wait

The government's "wait to see attitude" is dangerous, responds LO leader Hans-Christian Gabrielsen.

- The government says they want to see it. It's dangerous defensively, says Gabrielsen.

- There are ordinary workers who now pay the toughest price. If the scheme is not extended, workers must pay for their jobs and companies will lose valuable expertise. He adds a competency needed to get the business started again.

The government has been clear that an extension of the layoff period can put those laid off in a locked situation, which prevents them from applying for new jobs.

- It is foolish to talk about restructuring and lock-in now. It would have been something else if we were in an almost normal situation where new positions and industries are ready. Now it's all about securing the jobs we actually have, which is why the scheme needs to be expanded, says Gabrielsen.

He adds that layoffs have full opportunity to both resign and apply for other jobs.

- So having a connection with the working life is not a barrier to applying for other positions, says Gabrielsen.

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